About Simon

I am a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Aspect Ltd, an award-winning creative communications agency that inspires business performance through the delivery of extraordinary live events & experiences, multi-channel communications and training.

I also own “Dell Investments” a residential lettings business, and www.theupside.biz that inspires young people across schools and universities to be entrepreneurial.

Over 21 years, Aspect Ltd has turned over in excess of £100m.  This success has granted me the freedom to broaden my passions.  What I call the ‘Upside of Entrepreneurship’.  An upside, I believe is so big, that anyone who’s considered starting their own business (and even those who haven’t), owe it to themselves to try it at least once.

Currently, I devote much of my time to Aspect’s pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, www.theupside.biz.  Through this, I am voluntarily and enthusiastically sharing my experiences and expertise to inspire entrepreneurial spirit in young people across our nation’s academic and business institutions.  To date close to 3000 young people have been inspired through this activity.

I really want to empower and equip the next generation of business people with the courage and confidence to shape their own future.

I am a “business mentor in residence” at the Cass London Business School, and regularly run talks & seminars at some of the world’s leading business schools including Cass, Warwick, Leeds and Edinburgh.

In my spare time I am an enthusiastic musician playing oboe and saxophone in several symphony orchestras and bands, and supporting the “musical performance” activities of the London College of Music.

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