Talks and Seminars

My talks and seminars are designed to shock, challenge, excite and inspire your students to follow their entrepreneurial instincts and dreams, and make them a reality. I want them to leave inspired and ready to change their lives; to go out and make opportunity happen.

These sessions are bold in approach, out of the ordinary, highly engaging and interactive; no matter how large the audience. It’s important to make sure there is plenty of time for question and answer, as typically every session elicits many more questions than time will allow for.

Any unanswered questions are then addressed and posted on my LinkedIn discussion group and YouTube channel.


My talks run from 1 to 2 hours, and help the audience to understand what it really means to be entrepreneurial. We set out what an entrepreneur is, exploding the common misconception that they are born not made.

High impact interactive exercises push the audiences out of their comfort zones, and allow them to explore and understand the critical skills they will need to be successful entrepreneurs. This is supported with a wealth of advice on how to go out and build these skills and attitudes further.

Charting my own highs and lows through business; I offer an authentic view of what to expect from the life of an entrepreneur, and what it really takes to build a successful business or career.

There is no theory here; just real-life stories packed with tips and advice, combined with an approach that is totally “genuine” … it’s all real-life stuff!


My sessions inspire for sure, and I am always overwhelmed with questions and follow up chats. I give the audience unfettered access, I don’t hold back, and give open and frank answers on all aspect of my life and experience.

The good news is every academic institution I have supported has asked me back … so I must be doing something right.

“There are few speakers as engaging or as inspirational as Simon. He has that rare ability to connect with students on a personal level. Not only is his experience of huge value but he is someone the students can relate to and see themselves in. He inspires the belief that the success he’s enjoyed, is well within their reach.”
Stefania Zerbinati, Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurialism, Cass Business School.


LinkedIn Group

I have set up a LinkedIn group for young people interested in furthering their entrepreneurial education.

Complimenting and expanding on the seminar experience, I use the group to share key insights, engage in debate on entrepreneurial issues and offer answers to the many questions I am unable to address during my live sessions.

To join the group go onto LinkedIn and search for UPSIDE.BIZ or use this link: