“Simon is the best speaker we have. He’s animated, exciting and honest. It is no surprise he’s mobbed by our business students at the end of every talk.”
Vangelis Souitaris, Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurialism, Cass Business School

“I bring Simon in for our module on pitching in business. It’s a competitive part of our programme because it concludes with the students vying for the right to put on the SU Christmas party. You see Simon’s influence in the way the teams approach the pitch process. It’s no surprise we have 99% attendance at his session. It’s got a bit of a reputation now.”
Liz Quick, Senior Lecturer, Applied Event Management, University of West London

“I found Simon’s talk really valuable. I loved his enthusiasm and the depth to which he answered our questions. It was great to get his perspective but also a feel for what we are likely to experience as entrepreneurs.”
Katarina, Student of Entrepreneurship, Cass Business School

“Thank you so much for coming in to talk to the students yesterday. I just wanted you to know there was some really great feedback from the group. They really loved the session! May have to ask you in again to speak to another year level next Semester. It is so good to have someone in from the sharp end and much appreciated by the students.”
Liz, University of West London

“Few of the people that come in to present have Simon’s enthusiasm. What he says makes so much sense. Something I will always remember is to not exchange your freedom for money but instead to exchange money for your freedom.”
Michael from Cyprus, Student of Entrepreneurship, Cass Business School

“What I loved was Simon’s passion. He brings an energy that is very inspiring. One lesson that really stuck with me is that networking is essential. You have to start now. Today.”
Ariona, Student of Entrepreneurship, Cass Business School

“Thank you so much for the fantastic session you gave to the students yesterday. They really loved it and I have had lots of great feedback from them. There were also many insights that I can relate other content in the module to, which is fantastic!”
Alex Kevill, Lecturer, Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies

Video Testimonial

“I found the way Simon told his story really inspiring. It gave me the motivation that I should be a successful business person like him. The way he has succeeded in his life, I can see myself in the future.”
Rash from Mumbai, Student of Entrepreneurship, Cass Business School

“I consistently receive unsolicited feedback from our MBA students thanking me for bringing him in and saying how much he inspired them. Not something I can say for all our guest speakers.”
Stefania Zerbinati, Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurialism, Cass Business School

“When I took the Applied Event Management Course, the pitching module was the one I was most nervous about. I didn’t like the idea of pitching myself. That changed after Simon’s presentation. When I look back, it was my favourite module.”
X VP of Events, University of London Student Union

“Thank you so much for your session this morning at my 9am class. Your session was fantastic and I’ve already received quite a number of emails from students saying how much they enjoyed it. It would be good to catch up with you later on this week to follow up if that is possible?”
Richard Tunstall, Associate Professor of Enterprise, Leeds Business School

“I really appreciated Simon’s truthfulness, knowledge and the stories he shared. I found him extremely inspirational. The only improvement would be to stay for longer next time.”
Lauren Stanislas, Student, Year 2, Applied Event Management, University of West London

“Dear Simon, It was a pleasure to have you at Wiseman and I hope you enjoyed your visit. The students were still talking about how inspiring you were today. I will collate some feedback for you from the students and then we can arrange a meeting in the New Year at school to discuss a possible careers fair/conference. Kind regards and many thanks again.”
Ann-Marie Mcloughlin, Assistant Head Teacher, Cardinal Wiseman