Business Mentoring and Consultancy

Mentoring and consultancy are growing components of my work with young entrepreneurs and businesses.

I am actively involved with those who are preparing to make the leap into entrepreneurship; as well as small businesses looking to grow and expand their activity.


I make my advice accessible by leaving the consulting relationship open ended and working on an hourly basis. It is then very easy to engage whenever the business people feel is convenient. This approach means my advice is affordable, cost effective and can be taken in small bite size chunks should you so wish.


Drawing on my considerable experience, I help to guide my mentees and business owners to take the action necessary to achieve significant progress through action and change. So often the advice needed is very simple and straight forward but the difficult part is making it happen and embracing risk and change!


The mentoring often helps entrepreneurs and small businesses:

• think through all the business angles
• identify the strengths and weaknesses in the business
• consider whether they need investment and finance
• ensure they have a strong strategy
• prepare robust operational activity and delivery plans
• define clearly their brand essence, values, goals and vision
• prepare realistic financial plans and forecasts
• identify critical sales pipelines and marketing channels