Here at Aspect we have started to turn our attention to snow, jingle bells and crackers – as our Christmas party team count down the seconds until the festive season begins.

Although it’s still one month away from the unofficial countdown to Christmas beginning with the launch of campaigns from the likes of Coca Cola and John Lewis, the retail industry have been busy planning for months – with Santa even making an appearance in an Asda store as far back as July.

So with about 60 sleeps to go until the big day, here’s our ‘last minute’ 12 things To Do list to help you on your way with planning your Christmas party.

On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me….Ahhh…

  1. PANIC !!!

You really need to book a venue! Vol-au-vents and crisps in the office with a glass of fake champagne really won’t wash it with your staff!

2.     Finding a venue

When comparing venues, check what their packages include and what you’d have to provide yourself. Look at how easily accessible venues are for guests and once you’ve chosen, provide them with information on public transport links and taxi companies…it could be a late night!

3.     Panic over…you have a venue…

But what to do in it?

Ask the younger members of staff to organise it…they know much better than you what the majority would like to do. Set up a planning committee.

Don’t think of the event as ‘just a Christmas party’ but instead a chance to show case your company culture by organising something different. Try and mix things up from previous years. Don’t be afraid to steer away from the traditional Christmas meal followed by drinks. Consider including a theme to tie your day together and use it in all aspects of the party.

  1. Know your budget

This will shape what you can do, but remember the best celebrations aren’t always the most expensive. Allocate your budget by what is most important to the employees and ensure you leave some aside for unexpected costs.

  1. Choose the Food & Drink

You will need to decide how you want the food served (buffet/sit-down) and whether you will use in-house catering or external caterers. Don’t forget to request information on any special dietary requirements or allergies.

6.     Visualise the event

Visualise each part of the event from a guest’s point of view as well as any suppliers and the venue. Picture their arrival through to departure to check no small detail has been missed and everyone has the information they need.

7.     Schedule the details

Compile a full itinerary to help you stay organised on the day, including allowances for late arrivals or a course to overrun. Planning ahead will ensure you’re able to relax and enjoy the party.

8.     Don’t forget…

To thank your colleagues and make them feel rewarded and appreciated.

  1. Enjoy it
  2. Book a break the day after
  3. Get feedback!
  4. Start planning 2016’s Christmas Party!    

Here at Aspect we approach planning our Christmas party the same way as we would any of the events we organise for our clients. The Christmas party is our chance to fully embrace our values of trusted, spirited and ingenious, so we look to create a completely different experience each year to inspire and reward our team for their hard work over the past 12 months.

The list above is by no means definitive and a bit tongue-in-cheek, but we hope it provides you with a good starting point to inspire your audience this festive season.

If you would like more information on Aspect’s values and how we can help inspire your audience, contact us today on or telephone +44 (0)20 8282 7575.